Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sweet Surprise!

After the chiropractor this morning, Ayden and I spent an hour at the library.  It was fun going when we didn't have story time because we were there alone and I was able to really think about books he might like.  We came home with a Pete the Cat book, Clifford books, Curious George books, a book called Mama's Milk that is perfect for prepping him on how Logan will nurse but he won't and a few more that peaked his interest.  We also got a few non-fiction books about insects, dogs and farm life.  We're going to be busy little bookworms for the next week or so!

The rest of the day went on as usual.  David and his dad finished one of the gable walls and started on the second! 

After finishing at the building site David went to Lowes to pick up a few items.  He originally was going for some safety harnesses for their building plans this weekend but naturally I seized the opportunity to have one less errand to run and added a few items to his list.  He came away with a random basket of things that gave us a good laugh:  The harnesses, and some items for our home birthing supplies:  a hose, a faucet to hose connector (so we can fill up the birth pool), a tarp and some duct tape.  We thought the person ringing him up could have thought of a few interesting scenarios that might be going on there.  Haha.

It was funny because David came home to warm zucchini bread and he also brought home a surprise splurge of fro-yo.  We both thought the other deserved a sweet surprise I suppose!

Have you and our special someone ever surprised each other at the same time?   It was pretty fun.


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to two year ago today: "Growth Spurts"

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