Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Toad Motel

We had a hot but beautiful day today!  Ayden and I stayed pretty busy.  We were out of the house before 9 am headed to the beekeeping supply store to exchange something, the chiropractor, to pay our water bills, pick up our mail from the post office and get gas.  We had some family coming in from out of town so we met up with them for lunch at around 1 and didn't part ways with them until about 3:30.  Before they left they stopped by to see the house progress.

We got some lumber and materials delivered this morning for the next phase!
Ayden fell asleep before we were home (2 hours later than normal) and slept for 2 hours!  Since it was a late and long nap he was actually still sleeping when David got home for dinner at 5:30.  He woke soon after and got in some Daddy snuggles before David left to get to work on the house.  Ayden and I joined him over there and Ayden helped David fill wheel barrel after wheel barrel of dirt to finish backfilling on either side of the walkout basement.  While they were digging they found 3 toads which of course Ayden LOVED!  They were all named Bob.  Apparently our dirt mountain is a toad motel.  David would give Ayden rides in the wheel barrel between each trip and the smile on his little face was priceless. There is a saying that says, "children can't bounce off the walls if there are none" and it is so true!  He was so focused and content while digging in all of that dirt. The freedom we can give him outside on the farm is so refreshing for all of us! We let him stay up a little late since he napped for so long and he was in bed by 9 tonight.  

We are in a really good place right now and I'm so grateful that these last couple of months before our post-Logan adjustment period get to be as enjoyable as they are.  Busy day or slow day it doesn't really seem to matter.  We are making some pretty awesome memories and I know I will cherish this last bit of time that we have as the 3 Musketeers forever.  We are making it count!


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