Sunday, July 6, 2014

Putting It Back Together

We love going on trips.  This weekend was SO much fun and well worth dealing with the aftermath...

This happens to us every time we travel.  We come home and unpack the car, bringing in bag after bag of stuff to be sorted, cleaned, put away, etc.  The only thing is, we are usually tired after a trip and just want to veg.  

For this trip, in preparation for the craziness that is triggered by our return, I made sure that I tidied up the house the best I could before we left so that we didn't unload all of our trip stuff on top of any clutter that we left behind.  I used to wait until the morning that we leave to pack because I have the time but this time I decided to pack everything I could (excluding toiletries, cold food for the cooler, electronics, etc.) on Thursday so that I'd have more time to tidy up before we left.  Even with those efforts the place still looked pretty crazy for a while after we got home.  

We left the mess for a bit and David and I napped while Ayden did when we got home.  Then David went to get the pets while I folded some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher in preparation for starting to put it all back together.  When Ayden woke up he played while David mowed and I made dinner.  We had a bunch of red potatoes given to us so I made a crispy smashed potato recipe that I've been dying to try.  They were DELICIOUS!  Then we got Ayden to bed, David went up to our office to do some house design work on the computer while I tackled the chaos.  As I go to bed all that is left to do is putting some laundry in hampers in our bedroom where Ayden was already sleeping and washing the dishes we wash by hand.  Those things can wait until nap time tomorrow.

What is your house like when you return from a trip?  Do you have systems in place to make putting it all back together a little easier?  It usually takes me a good three days to get everything completely back to normal.


Don't forget to go back to Friday's post to hear Ayden "reading" The Five Little Monkeys.  So cute!!

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1 comment:

  1. We don't camp, so when we get back from trips I'm sure we don't have as much as you to put away! But, I always pack everything the day before we leave (even if we're leaving later the next day). I make a big list of all te things I will need to pack the morning of so I don't forget. I also spend the day before cleaning the whole house so it's not stinky when we get back (taking out the trash, etc.). I also lay out the clothes for Lou and myself for travel day. It makes packing up the car a no-brainer in the morning! Then when we get home I unpack everything right away (unless it's Christmas, then it can sometimes take a LOT longer). But the suitcases get emptied, food gets put away, toys go back to their regular spots. I have a hard time waiting to put stuff away, even if I'm really tired, because I feel like I can't relax until it's done!