Thursday, July 17, 2014

Staycation Day 4 | Shakers

We had another beautiful day today!!

Pancakes al fresca!

We took a day trip to visit a Shaker museum.

Amazing craftsmanship in their buildings.

HUGE and beautiful organic vegetable garden.

Pretty awesome companion planting.

Flowers mixed in with the veggies invite plenty of pollinators.
The garden was definitely buzzing!

Sisters wash house.

The Cooper's House
Ayden couldn't get over the big "mess" of cedar shavings all over the floor.  One of the men was really great with Ayden and gave him a chance for some hands on learning.

He also got to help another man work on making a broom.

Hands on kid's room.
The only place where we were encouraged to touch everything.
Ayden didn't fall asleep for his nap until 5:00 and slept until 7:20.  It was a big day and since he woke up from his nap at bedtime, we had a late dinner and then went to my parent's house for a swim and ended the evening with a family movie night.

Another fun day of stacation in the books!


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  1. Always wanted to visit Shaker Village! Looks like a fun spot