Thursday, July 10, 2014

Child Labor

We milked a cow at story time today!

They are in the midst of Summer reading festivities and this past week there was a farming focus.  Ayden loved it and kept telling everyone around, "This is not a real cow."  He seemed to be telling himself that more than the people to whom he was actually talking.  Everyone got a kick out of it.  After story time we headed to a nearby park.

He was sleepy for nap so he was digging the swings more than usual.

Lately Ayden has been showing more of an interest in helping out around the house.  If he sees me with the dust mop, vacuum, window cleaner or any other cleaning tool he immediately wants to help.  Today, I was filling my dish pan with soapy water and he said he wanted to wash dishes too.  The last time he played in the sink I found all of my dirty dishes from the dish pan in the drying rack like he had "washed" them for me.  It was really cute.  

When he asked to help today, I set my dish pan aside, pulled up his learning tower, filled up a big bowl just for him (with cold water), gave him his own dish rag and let him clean up his painting supplies from earlier that day.  I think he liked it even more because he was cleaning his things.  

As far as chores go, he doesn't have any set things that he has to do yet.  I just kind of follow his lead and include him with anything he's showing interest in.  At the moment he likes feeding the pets, sweeping up small spills with a little hand broom (though he totally makes more of a mess but at least he is trying!), soaking up wet spills with a towel, helping chop/cook meals, washing dishes, mowing, laundry (he likes to spin the knobs, push buttons, pour in detergent, transfer clothes from hamper to washer/washer to dryer, etc).  He has also recently begun to wash his hands and use the bathroom independently (other than wiping).  He is still in territory where his help makes things take much longer than they would if I were to do them alone but he's gotta start somewhere.  I'm just glad we usually have the time to let him try.

After dinner this evening, David's mom came out to play with Ayden while David and his dad worked on the house.

They explored Toad Motel Mountain while I added a honey super to another one of our hives, watered our orchard and took care of some Japanese beetles that have taken up residence in our peach and cherry trees. I am using some of the tips from this article

Look at this big guy that they found!
Now I am doing some labor prep homework and planning the day for tomorrow.

What chores does your toddler like to help with?  At what age did you give your children mandatory chores (or if your children are young, what age do you plan to)?


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  1. Sounds like he's enjoying summer reading. We were planning to do it with our kids this year but never seemed to get out there and get it done! It's just been a super busy summer!

    I haven't been blog reading much lately because I've been on vacation. I can't believe how much house progress you all have made. It's looking great!