Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fudge Happy!

We got up bright and early to take some photos during the morning golden hour (the hour after sunrise).

Here's a sneak peak (a pic of the screen on the camera).
It was TOTALLY worth being out there by 6:45am!
(Can't wait to share the rest after post processing)

After our photos we parted ways.  David went to work on the house and Ayden and I went to the farmer's market.

This week's CSA haul!

A couple of sweet extras.
After Ayden's nap we played, and then once dinner was in the oven we made fudge pops!

Ayden licked the bowl and thought he was being sneaky
"How did that get there?"

I think they made him pretty happy.
We ended the evening with a swim (well the pool was so cold that David and Ayden swam  while I just put my feet in), put up our neighbor's chickens up for her, and watched the first Planes movie which one of our play group friends lent us.  Ayden was SO excited!

It was another good but tiring day. David and his dad put on the outer most rafters and finished the sub floor for our second story.  

They worked hard today too! It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow and I'm thinking David and Ayden can have some quality time while I do some cleaning and nesting.  


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  1. Beautiful photo! I cannot wait to see the rest!
    Those fudge pops look yummy :)