Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Filled Summer Day

The first thing we did today was sell some Winter clothes to a consignment store.  My favorite kind of errand is one that you come away with more money than you went in with! They were having a 60% clearance sale on their Summer inventory so we came away with these $2 crocodile sandals.  

I've NEVER seen Ayden so excited about a pair of shoes!
He did not need anymore shoes but I just couldn't say no.

We went to have lunch with David at work.

Ayden had been looking forward to it all day.
We met friends at my parents pool and went for a swim.  We had so much fun and Ayden made a butterfly friend.

It would not leave him alone.
Our future Entomologist!
While waiting for Daddy to come home we played a little lacrosse which is Ayden's favorite outdoor activity at the moment.

We ate at a little restaurant downtown and then headed to a city block party.

Ayden looks less than thrilled in this photo but he LOVED touring the fire engine.
I think the fire fighter wanted to take him home.

David has taken next week off from work for a staycation!  We can't wait to have him home with us for 9 whole days!!!


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  1. Looks like a wonderful day. My Hubby returns to work on Monday. He's been off for 14 days. We are going to miss him SO BAD!!!

  2. Ayden has great taste! Those are some snazzy shoes. ;)