Monday, July 14, 2014

Staycation Day 1 | Ducks and Parks

It was supposed to rain off and on all day today so we wanted to choose indoor activities. The trampoline park didn't open until noon but we wanted to start our day of family fun earlier than that so we went the bookstore we used to go to for story time.  Ayden had fun playing with the train table, reading books and feeding the ducks. 

TINY, fuzzy babies.  I could hardly contain myself.

We grabbed some lunch afterwards and headed to this fun place and jumped for 2 hours!

I took it easy, of course (which is why there are so many pictures), but we had a blast!

One of the reasons that we chose a staycation over an actual vacation was so we could still have time to work on the house and continue baby prep and such.  During Ayden's nap, that's just what we did. 

Sorting some gifted clothes by size.
Thank you again, Maria!!

Some after nap play time.

Meatloaf Muffins
Roasted Okra
Sauteed Rainbow Chard

Another freezer meal, ready to go!
Now up to 7 dinners and 1 breakfast (waffles).
After dinner, we went to play on a playground at a nearby church and then came home and put our sleepy boy to bed.  Now David is building beehive super frames and I am about to do kitchen cleanup.  This staycation isn't quite a full on vacation from our normal lives, but it is a full week of extra "family of three" time together which is just what we wanted before Logan joins us and changes things up.  We still have house building, farm tending, baby prep, regular house upkeep and even a few appointments going on this week but every day will have a little something extra fun sprinkled in. 

Have you ever had a staycation?  Did it end up being a true vacation from the norm or was it more like ours is going to be?


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  2. My last comment didn't show my emogi hearts. But yay for the unexpected shout out! <3 I hope the clothes work out for you and I hope you all have a great staycation together! You're off to a great start!

    1. The clothes are so cute! I loved everything and it's all already washed and put away. Thank you so much again, can't wait to dress him up :)

  3. I think a staycation is a wonderful idea. We haven't ever had one but I can see how it would be practical and fun! Hope the rest of it goes as wonderful as today.

    1. It has bee great. The house kind of fell apart which bothered me a little bit but it was the best of both worlds for sure.