Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crazy Trees

Today was an unbelievably beautiful day in the Bluegrass!  The humidity was gone and the high was in the low 80's.  There was a nice breeze all day and it was just the kind of day that makes you happy.  I think it even put some extra pep in Ayden's step!

Ayden really got into story time today.  He always enjoys it but is usually an observer.  Today he actually participated in everything.  

They always get blocks out at the end.

He helped me brush an Ayden-sized fur ball out of Maverick.  We need to get him groomed again (2nd time this Summer already!) but I'm going to wait until a little closer to Logan's arrival.  I don't want to be smothered in fur with a newborn.

There was plenty more where that came from...

He found one of Logan's little hats and decided to try it on.  He looked in the mirror and said, "Ha!  It has a top!" and proceeded to run around in it for the next 15 or 20 minutes.

We went out to the building site after dinner where Ayden helped David and his dad fill a wheel barrel with dirt over and over again (to back fill a couple of spots that the excavator didn't).  While they were digging they found a tiny toad.

David helped Ayden name him Bob.
He did NOT want to set him free...
I watered the orchard while they were working and found that we have two baby peaches!

Feeling the fuzz.

We WILL eat you before the bugs!

We all really enjoyed the beautiful day.  Watching Ayden enjoy life so much makes ours that much richer.


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