Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Happy Things: Juggling

Things this week seem to be following a same 'ol, same 'ol pattern so instead of  yet another day of play by play I thought I'd just focus on 5 happy highlights of the day:  

1.  I LOVE how much of a bookworm that Ayden continues to be.  He packed his little book bag that my friend from play group made him, took it outside and "read" to the chickens while I got our things ready for running errands.

2. We are still loving our CSA.  It is getting us to try new things.  Tonight we had pepper "nachos" and salsa verde made from the tomatillos which we had never tried before. 

3. This is my new phone wallpaper:

It gives me warm fuzzies.

4. Ayden and I picked up a tomato cage for a volunteer tomato plant that we accidentally grew in a pot of compost soil.  I took the pot out by the bees with plans to plant lavender and sunflowers for them but never got around to it.  Then my mom walked up to the pot that was in some weeds in the shade and asked why we didn't have our tomato plant out in the sun.  Our response was, "what tomato plant?"

Growing big and strong!

Turns out one little seed from a tomato last year fought the fight for life!

Any guesses as to which variety of tomato it is?
I am hoping for Roma but have no clue...

5.  I went and picked up the honey extracting equipment that we are borrowing for our first honey harvest this evening!  Can't wait to taste that sweet reward.

Things are still crazy busy in our lives and we are still swimming along.  I only have one week left before I need to shift some priorities around to prepare for laboring for and delivering Logan.  I am hoping to knock out a whole bunch of to do's in that time so that I am better able to be at peace while I slow things down and get more rest.  I am also hoping to maximize the one on one time that I have left with Ayden but I really think the intentional slow down will only help with that.  

I still feel like all of these crazy things that we have going on are pretty wonderful things to have to juggle!  

What are your 5 happy things today? 


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  1. Love that wallpaper! My 5 happy things are 1. I got to be home with my kids today (telecommute day) instead of having to go into the office 2. We spent the afternoon with my brother who is visiting from out of town 3. My youngest son learned to say uncle today (he was glued to my brother) 4. My oldest happily scarfed his dinner from WF as he pretended they were dinosaur parts and plants (chicken legs and raw veggies) 5. I'm going to bed late but all of my children STTN so I will likely get several uninterrupted hours of sleep anyway!