Saturday, July 18, 2015

Play Time With Logan

David went with us to the farmer's market this morning.  We had lunch downtown and then swung by our friends' house to visit and see some house renovations they just finished.  It was a really great morning!

Logan was awake while Ayden napped and we had some play time together.  Here is a clip of play time with Logan: 

He has now added waving and dancing to any and all music to his daily activities. He is amazing and adorable.

We had a new grocery store open up in our town earlier this week and we hadn't made it over there yet.  After nap we went to check it out.

There was a clown making balloon animals for the kids.
Ayden wanted a red pirate sword :).

Things came full circle when David got home from mowing over on our property.  We grilled out and just enjoyed the evening together.

Also amazing and adorable.

Ayden with his favorite chick.
They have both grown up so much since February!

Sweet Summer time.

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  1. Please share what the red stuff is in middle. I am a paleo eater too, and I love new ideas.

    1. Beets and peaches. We put them on our salads. Olive oil and orange blossom white vinegar for dressing, a little salt and pepper and it was DELICIOUS! :)