Thursday, July 2, 2015

Then Again...

I found this listing on Etsy yesterday:

At first glance I was almost offended.  It makes girls sound so much sweeter and more pleasant than boys and my boys can be pretty darn sweet!  I also know a few girls who love to play in the dirt and can have their "stinker" moments.  But then again...


I can't speak for having girls but the boy definition does ring true for us most days.  I heard the phrase, "You sure have your hands full" literally FOUR times while we were out and about today. And the boys were doing great! As crazy as this season of our lives can be, I love having my boys so much! 

Here is a beautiful article for all of my fellow boy mamas out there. Our hands may be full but so are our hearts, just like ANY other mother out there!


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  1. As the Mama of a girl....both signs would be true of her! She is pure sweetness but my goodness does she love to make noise and get dirty!!

  2. I commented on this on Instagram, but I'm back reading your blog and have to comment here that my little girl is also a blend of both. Shes definitely very feminine and loves all things girly already, but she can keep up with her brothers for sure! :) Your boys are too cute and those pics are so funny!