Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aunt Sarah

One of our chicks laid her first egg last night! 

Pullet eggs are so tiny and cute!
I guess we can't call them chicks anymore... They are officially all grown up. 

Ayden still has or family reunion on his mind.  In following his interests, I have started a casual Camping unit with him and when we have a spare moment for a little extra fun/learning I try and make it camping related. After his bath this morning, where he had gone fishing, he wanted to roast his fish over a camp fire so...

Trash to treasure!

A few paper towel tubes for wood, some fire colored tissue paper for flames, and some packing tape is all we needed to build a little campfire for my little camper. Ayden wanted to use his brick blocks around the perimeter since the reunion fire pit is outlined with cinder blocks. He sat there for a long time "roasting" his fish and some cotton balls we added later marshmallows. I love seeing him use that awesome imagination of his. 

My niece got dropped off with us during Ayden's nap and he was beyond thrilled to wake up to her company. 

David took off work today to work on the house so he had some quality time with the boys while I took her to her swim lesson and had some quality girl time with her. 

I only had one aunt growing up and she was AMAZING. She really knew how to put life on pause and really connect with each and every one of us (I have 9 first cousins and 2 sisters). She is my dad's older sister, the second of the 5 siblings, so by the time I came along, she was almost a grandmother (her grandchildren are just a few years younger than me). I think that is part of what made her awesome but I always wanted to be an aunt like her. Unfortunately, with one long distance sister,  the other two of us having crazy busy lives at the moment, and my having young children myself, I rarely get good quality time with my nephews and niece. Tonight was so enjoyable and I felt blessed to get some rare one on one time with my such a sweet little girl.


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