Friday, July 31, 2015


I got a few more pieces done for our gallery wall that I am working on. This one was my favorite:

I plan to change the lettering with the seasons.
From asleep on my back to asleep in the crib.
Gotta love ninja mommy skills!
When Logan woke from his morning nap we got out and about for an errand day. David's mom treated us to lunch and then we were running around for the rest of the afternoon!

We got this boy some goggles!

These things are genius.  EVERY bathroom should have at least one.
Ayden powered through the day without a nap and did not have a single meltdown.  After dinner, David went to mow our property and the boys and I played outside until bedtime. 

"What the heck are these things?!"

Now he understands!

I figured that he's going to have to start wearing shoes since he's a big walker now.
At least in gravel filled driveways...

Errand days are the only long days for me during this season in my life. I am pretty tired but am glad to have enjoyed the day with my boys, as always.

Our big boy wanted a couple of new toys so he helped me find a few old ones to sell.
He picked out this helicopter and loves it so much he wanted to sleep with it.
He is sweet and adorable. That is all.


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1 comment:

  1. Love those harness seats in the bathrooms! I agree every bathroom should have one. Ayden is so sweet! My oldest asks to sell some toys in order to get new ones now too.