Monday, July 20, 2015

You're Welcome.

We hosted play group today and had a great time!  The rest of the day was pretty low key.

Nakey time after a bath.  He is looking like such a big boy these days!

Ayden's treasure of the day... A cicada skin.
Love our nature lover!

On our journey to living lighter I have discovered paperless filing.  I purchased a scanner app called, "Tiny Scan" and started a Google Drive account.  You can link to your Google Drive account through the scanner app to export files directly.  Google Drive also has an app which allows you to create and organize folders within folders and such.  

It. is. life. altering.  I have MANY old files of papers to go through (which is up next as I very slowly chip away at my KonMari purge) but any new papers that come into the house are now only touched once.  Trash and anything that is easily accessible online are immediately thrown away and important documents (birth certificates for example) are filed away in the filing cabinet.  Anything in between gets scanned, digitally filed and then also thrown away.  I can email files from either app which is very convenient.  For instance, we used a flexible spending account for some dental work and were required to email a receipt.  It was as easy as taking a photo with my phone and before we knew it, the document was not only scanned and filed for our own records but also emailed and completely taken care of the day we got it.  Another way I am using it is for library books.  If a book I am reading has a page here or there to which I would like to reference back, but not enough to warrant acutally purchasing the book, I'll start a folder for the book or subject of the content in Google Drive and scan the pages I need for later reference. 

I'm telling you, if you are drowning in papers at your house you've got to set this up for yourself if you haven't already.  You're welcome. :)


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  1. That app sounds like just what I need for my paper habit! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. That app sounds like just what I need for my paper habit! :) thanks for sharing!