Monday, July 13, 2015

We Have A Walker!

So I caught this on video this morning...

He did that 3 times before breakfast was even on the table.  He is ready to go!  Logan also has really been enjoying our morning green juice smoothies...

"Ve have vays of making you talk..."

Ayden LOVES snails and is always on the lookout for them.  He had never gotten to hold a real one until today!!

We were late for play group because we found it on our way out and just had to take some time to observe it but his excitement and happiness were totally worth it.

After play group we made our weekly grocery run.  We get most of our food from the farmer's market but always stop by the grocery store for household and pet supplies.

Logan had a somewhat fussy afternoon...  Fussy for him at least. He did not want to ride on my back which usually works and he did not want to be down playing.  He just wanted his mama to hold him so that is what I did.

He was SO cuddly and kept pulling me in for kisses.
So adorable.
My brother-in-law had a death in his family so my sister is on her own this week.  Her kids needed to go in different directions tonight so after dinner David's mom came to play with Ayden and Logan and I took my niece to her swim lessons.

I got some quality time with her and also with Logan while we waited for her to finish her lesson.

We are supposed to get some pretty bad storms this evening.  Time to batten down the hatches!


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  1. Congrats to baby Logan. My daughter walked ar 9 months .this reminds me of her back then. My daughter has ocassion green smoothies, but they make her horribly fussy. I use kale or spinach and she gets tummy aches from it. I read up on it and it said those veggies can create gas or other issues. I think I waa told to wait to three.

    1. Thank you! That is interesting about the smoothies. I will keep an eye out for tummy issues but for now he seems to be doing well with them. According to my Wonder Weeks app, he is going through a developmental leap leap right now and his extra fussiness and clinginess match up with signs to look out for with that. Only 9 days until we are out of the "stormy period"!!

  2. We all have our own parenting beliefs, but holding logan everytime he is fussy will teach him that you will always do it. When he starts school, it may create anxiety in him. This happened to me. My mom co slept with me and nurses me long and always held me when I cried. I had major insecurity later on and couldn't handle being away from my mom. Attached parenting i don't believe in. Kids have to learn to make their way. Mama cant always be there. Good luck though.

    1. This is very interesting. We believe the exact opposite. Ayden is so confident and secure. There are just SO many factors that can play into insecurity in children...

    2. And if I hadn't picked him up we both would have missed out on that tender moment that made me fall a little more in love with my son. How sad would that have been??

  3. I have to disagree, but its okay to disagree, right. Have you ever been away from ayden for several hours? Whoever watches him will tell you if he shows signs of anxiety being away from mama. If his babysitter distracts him to get his mind of you being gone, the anxiety will still manifest itself in other ways. My mother always thought I seemed confident, but when she left me, I was an anxious mess. This same thing happened to my sisters kuds and several friends kids because they did attached parenting. I respect you, don't take this the wrong way. I just don't understand your perspective. I even read several patenting books telling me to not attend to crying fussy babies unless its serious. Several authors have repeatedly said to ignore crying babies and never pick them up or wear them when they are fussy. It teaches them that mom will always comfort them when sad and doesn't prepare them for school or the world as they grow older.

    1. LOL! When we drop Ayden off with a babysitter he tells me to leave and has a great time. He tells me to "set the timer" when I get back so he can stay and play a little longer. There are books to back up any stance you take.. Of course it is okay to disagree! Thank you for commenting.