Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Camper

Every now and then I get the desire to plan a thematic learning unit for Ayden, just like from my teaching days.  Every since camping out at our family reunion a few weeks ago, Ayden has taken a HUGE interest in camping.  Put those two together and you have a camping unit.  

If anyone is interested in me typing up an activity matrix and sharing a link to Google Drive where you can print it off for use with your own preschoolers, let me know in the comments below.  Planning was always one of my favorite parts and if there is interest I would love to share.

After naps today, the boys went to play with one of their playgroup friends while I tended to my bees.

I did a little weeding in front of the hives.
And I took the "dead" hive (the one with the worker laying) and split it by moving one box over in the place of our empty hive.  Then I placed a new queen in each one (picked those ladies up yesterday afternoon).

The bees were drawn to the queen VERY quickly.  Within a minute or two the queen cages were completely covered with bees.

Then I put some feeders on top and closed them up.  I'll go make sure the queens were released in a few days and then I'll go back in another week to see if they are both alive and laying.  If one is killed and the other survives, we will merge the hive back together with a screen board.  If they both survive then we will be back up to 4 hives.  Wish us luck that they don't both get killed...

While I was over there I also needed to add another super to our yellow hive.  It was the one that came out strong after Winter.  We have used it to do 2 splits which set it back a bit.  They have not given us much superfluous honey but the inside looks amazing.

Numbers are high and the bees are very busy.  It was AMAZING to do a hive check earlier in the day and without rain in the forecast. They were so calm, they did not even notice I was there. 

 I am usually rushed or doing my inspections too late (once they all start coming in for the evening there are more to get grumpy with me while I'm poking around). The pressure from rain fronts make them agitated too so our seemingly constant rain this Summer hasn't made for an enjoyable beekeeping season thus far. I need hive checks like this once in a while to remind me that I do, in fact, love beekeeping.  There will come a season in my life when I can check them whenever I need and for however long, but that is just not the case while we have young children and are building a house.  For now, I'm doing the best I can and still learning a TON in the process.  I just have to remember to set myself up for success ever so often so I can cling to that experience the next time I have to do a hive check at the wrong time and come away with a sting or two...  

I was so grateful for my dear friend and her husband who took the boys at such late notice after I found out that neither set of our parents would be available.  They both had so much fun!

This week has been crazy busy so far with even more to come but I have been able to stay on top of things well enough to not feel overwhelmed.  I think my planner has a lot to do with that!  Not sure what I'd do without this thing...

Life. Saver.
(and a lot of fun)


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  1. I would be interested. Planning is something I struggle with the most!

  2. I am interested please do share! Thank you Sarah!!

  3. Yes, I love to use learning ideas with my kids! You might want to check out the site TeachersPayTeachers - it's a place where educators post their learning creations and folks can buy them. You could make a little money! Also, I LOVE the stickers you're using on your Erin Condren planner - where did you get those?!

  4. Thank you! I have actually purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a brilliant site that I wish I knew about while I was in the classroom! For some reason I had never considered trying to sell anything on there. Something to consider for sure...

    Most of the stickers I've been using this month have been from Libby & Co. The meal plan stickers are printables from Lemon Wish Designs. Both shops are on Etsy. I print them on sticker paper.

    1. I also love KG Planner's printable stickers. Also on Etsy. :)