Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 Happy Things: Life Is Good

1) Night time (or any time) snuggles.

2) Being creative. I have been sewing, crafting and photographing away lately and am loving it!

3) Forward farm motion. David has made a lot of progress on our chicken coop. We are planning on having 14 laying hens (to supply eggs for 4 families). They now have roost bars on which to sleep!

I am so proud of David. He used 3D modeling software from work to design the coop and is taking so much pride in building it. It is just one more way that he is providing for our family. I can't wait to see Ayden's face when he realizes we will have chickens living in our yard!

4)  Celebrations. Our husky, Maverick, turned 10 years old today!  We have a lot to thank him for. Since he was our first (fur) baby, we learned so much about raising a living thing together. Huskies are head strong and require a lot of patience and consistency. He taught us how to plan ahead for expectations and to work together when it comes to consequences and discipline. He also taught us how to handle inconvinient situations that always arise when you are the caregiver of a living creature.  Thanks to this fury guy, we had a lot of our co-parenting ideals in place before parenting an actual human. I think that alone makes him a pretty special part of our family. Ayden also loves him to pieces. 

5) Fall decorations!  The cottage feels so homey with all of the extra little Fall decor details. It is a really nice place to spend so much of my time and helps me take pride in keeping it nice for my family. 

Ayden stayed up a little late tonight. He was helping his daddy with the coop, having a dance party, jumping (or more like diving) into David's arms from the bottom step, playing tag with mommy, reading books, etc... You know, having a pretty wild and crazy Saturday night!!  He was so tired by the time he got to bed that he fell right to sleep. 

There is just so much about life to enjoy. Little things and big things alike. It all adds up to some pretty awesome stuff. 

List your 5 happy things below, big or small, and we can celebrate life together!


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