Monday, October 7, 2013

Forward Motion

Catching bugs!

We took our second step toward building our homestead today (the first was our bees)!  David's parents went to visit his Grandma in Mississippi over the weekend and brought us back a fig tree seedling to plant at our home place!  We planted it tonight where we have decided to put our orchard and can already taste the sweetness.

Helping dig the hole!

The corner of our 7 acres! 
Things have been pretty quiet in the progress department (not by choice) so this forward motion, however small, feels so good!  We are pretty sure we have decided what we are doing and where we want things so now we just have to get the ball rolling one project at a time . It would be really cool to get our foundation in before winter so we can hit the ground running with building our own cottage in the Spring; but we don't have any plans set in stone at this point. 

Speaking of homesteading, my dad discovered a Pawpaw patch on the farm and we have visited it a couple of times now to indulge in the sweet, wild fruit. 

Mango meets banana meets pear.
It was our first time foraging and it was a really cool experience. Neither David nor I had ever eaten a wild fruit before and there was an inexplicable excitement and satisfaction that came over us as we discovered the new texture and taste of the fruit. 

We are attempting to transplant some Paw Paw seeds/seedlings over to the fence line on our property. We have seen pawpaws being sold at the farmer's market, know that the thick trees could provide privacy and, of course, more fruit for us to eat! My dad and I have also made plans to collect walnuts from around here at the cottage sometime this week since we have a ton of walnut trees. You could just call us some foraging fools!  Haha. 

In Ayden news today, I am overwhelmed by how grown up he is all the sudden. Tantrums are few and far between, he is communicating so well, using the potty a TON when we are at home (and he is bottomless) and he is doing so many mature things. This video captures his newfound maturity very well...

Where did my baby go?  We are LOVING this age so much and are cherishing every moment. 


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Road Trip History!"

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