Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Stomping Grounds

We tried out a new story time today!

"The new story time is that way, Mom!"
On Thursdays we usually go to a book store in our old town for story time at 11 but today, we went to a 10 o'clock story time at the local library in our new town.  We had tried to go to this new (to us) story time a couple of times over the summer and just so happened to try on days they weren't having it. This time we were in luck and we really enjoyed it!  It had a small town charm that made it a smaller, more personable group. The ladies leading it were really into it, were so animated and great with the kids. It was a refreshing change of scenery. Our usual story time consists of the exact same songs week after week. While I see the benefits of repetition for younger kiddos, Mama needed a change (We've been going to that one almost every week since Ayden was just a couple of months old. This new story time is more like a longer version of the circle times I had when I taught preschool. The songs, books and finger plays went along with the theme and we went to sit at child sized tables in the middle for a theme related art activity. Today's theme was night so they gave us black construction paper and chalk to draw with.  

Ayden actually did not want to put the chalk away so I got to test one of our new discipline techniques in public for the first time. I give him a choice, "Ayden can put it away or Mommy can put it away. 1, 2..." And before I could get to three, he tossed the chalk into the box with a smile on his face. Toddlers crave control over their lives and when given the choice between them doing something themselves or you doing it for them, nine times out of ten they'll end up doing whatever you've asked. This was one of my favorite techniques with my students and I am so glad it seems to be working with Ayden too!  It only took a few times of me actually getting to three and doing it myself for him to catch on. Buckling his car seat chest clip was what gave us the most opportunities to teach him.  He really loves to do that himself.  He started playing a game where he would pretend he was going to clip it but would sit there with it almost there with a big smile on his face.  It was cute the first couple of times and then we needed to speed the process along.  We'd give him the choices, count to three and his world would crumble the second we did it instead.  It only took a few times and now he clips it without hesitation.  But, I digress...

After storytime he picked out a few books to read. We sat on the floor in the middle of the main part of the library and read them over and over. We ended up checking them out so we could continue to read them over and over at home. 

I think we are going to start coming to this story time every week. Since it starts an hour earlier, we can still make it to our old one on days that my friends there have something planned. In the meantime, I am really enjoying the change up in our Thursday routine and scenery! I also liked that we could stop at home for lunch and by my parents' for a visit before heading to the "big city" to run our errands.  

This is just too much...

Sometimes you just need to spice things up!

How have you spiced up your routine lately?


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