Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Ayden tried to fix his wagon today...

I was working on an outdoor project while he was playing. When I went over to join him I saw this and about died from cuteness. That wheel falls off all. the. time. I guess he was thinking he'd fix it once and for all. Haha!

I went to empty out the camera roll on my phone today and before I do that I always go through and delete things I don't need to save. Pictures I take for the blog, snapshots of things to send to someone, etc. This time I seemed to have a lot of inspirational quote pictures. I don't necessarily want to save them on my computer, but don't want to just delete them so I thought why not share them with you so we can all benefit and I can always look back on them in this post if I feel I need a little pep talk of sorts. 

Kill 'em with kindness.

Love people for who they are.

Self fulfilling prophesies.

Show your spouse how much they mean to you.

For new breastfeeding mamas.

So cute.
Here's to the future.

Haha.  #YouTuber
Who can relate?
(Only it is kind of reversed at our house...)
True story.

Which category are you in?

In honor of National Baby Wearing Week.

Me too.
There's something out there for everyone. If you are having a hard day and need a pick me up, go searching for some inspiring quotes. They are short so they will stick with you long enough to turn your frown upside down. If nothing else, maybe you can just have a good laugh.

Discussing politics over a morning cup of jo.
(or green smoothie... whatever.)

What is your favorite inspirational quote?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today:  "I'm Learning"

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