Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm Learning!

"Good morning!"
When Ayden completely skipped his morning nap yesterday, I didn't worry one bit. I just told myself that if he's in a good mood, he's fine. Boy am I glad I didn't waste a second worrying about it becoming a new "thing" because he more than needed a morning nap today and even took it a half hour earlier than usual. I am learning that for us, just following Ayden's cues and going with the flow works better than trying and failing to adhere to a super strict routine. Would it be handy to have a guaranteed "break" for a pre-determined time each and everyday? Of corse but I learned a long time ago that some babies easily mold to whatever schedule you *want* them to be on and some just don't. Ayden definitely falls into the latter category and that's okay!

We went and had lunch with David at work today which is always wonderful:

I dressed Ayden to match David today.
His coworkers got a kick out of it!
 And we stopped by the park on our way home.

Ayden really loves swinging,


trying to eat mulch/leaves/grass/sand/etc and watching all the other kids.

Kid watching and taking notes.
I love to swing too so we ended our time at the park with him in my lap on a big kid swing. It was so peaceful feeling the cool Fall air rushing past us while we people watched together.

When we got home I put away all of his new (to us) clothes, straightened up a bit and started dinner (cilantro lime pork lettuce wraps). David came home while I was cooking and took Ayden upstairs to play guitar for him while I finished up. After dinner, we took a family walk and then had some awesomely giggly playtime. Ayden just gets more and more fun!! We are really loving being out of that last teething/fussy period he was in.

The day seemed to be over before I knew it. I stopped and picked up a pumpkin and a mum on my way home today and plan on making something like this for our front porch once both of my boys are tucked into bed:

I am really glad that I've started to carve out some "me time" even if I have to sacrifice a little sleep to do it. The house is quiet and I get to do things that I want to do rather than need to do. Everyone needs a little of that in their lives!

I am hoping to make it to a PiYo (Pilates/Yoga) class in the morning. Here's hoping Ayden is happy to play while I work out!


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  1. I looooove your boots!

    Ayden is adorable as always-- love him in his little plaid shirt! ;)