Friday, October 19, 2012

Lucky Stars

This is how this mommy is able to get ready for the day:

As I was skimming through my Facebook feed this morning, I came across a couple of things that reminded me to thank my lucky stars for my current set up in life.

One was a status update that said, "I wish I could have just one day where I was a mommy and nothing else." This mother's baby is a few months old and the mother herself has been back to work for a while now. Down in the comments she went on to say that her daughter goes down for the night at 6pm and sleeps all night. She feels like she never gets to see her own daughter. I feel for her and her situation but it all reminds me that
1) I am so fortunate to have a husband who can/will support my desire to be a stay at home mom. I know that it isn't for everyone and I definitely do not do it because it is *easy.* But I could not imagine how it would feel to want to stay home and not be able to. Heart. Breaking. I am so fortunate to have all the days of "just being a mommy and nothing else" that I could ever want. I do plenty of chores and tasks but everything I fill my time with is by choice and if Ayden needs me more on any particular day, I'm there.
2) Bed sharing has it's pros and cons but I can say that I don't hear David saying, "I miss Ayden" nearly as much as I did while we had him in his crib all night. Having your baby in your bed gives a working parent time to reconnect after a long day apart. It is just one more reassurance (not that we needed one) that it is the right arrangement for our little family.

The other post I saw was for a page called "Bringing Home the Browns." I usually don't go past expanding the comment section on a post in my news feed because we all know that a "quick scroll" on Facebook can easily become a time sucking, profile stalk fest at the innocent click of a button. This particular post peaked my curiosity, though, so I stalked a little to learn more. I suppose there is a family in Texas that is going through a hard time. The father, Sean, was in Afghanistan and at 34 weeks pregnant, the mother, Heather, went into the hospital with a head/back ache. While there they discovered she had quick onset preeclampsia (very serious, pregnancy induced, super-high blood pressure), she began having seizures which resulted in severe bleeding in her brain. She slipped into a coma and they had to take Baby John by emergency C-section. Sean was notified and was sent home. He did not have any updates during his long journey back to Texas. After being awake for 72 hours straight, he met his son, who was in a NICU at a neighboring hospital and then went to his wife's side. This all happened in mid-September. Here we are in mid-October and Daddy Brown and Baby John are home and doing well. They started this page "Bringing Home The Browns" to spread the word so that as many people would be sending thoughts, prayers and positive energy their way because there is still one Brown that needs to come home. Heather is still in a coma but recently had surgery and is responding to some pain stimuli.

I am sharing this for 2 reasons. The first is so I can help spread the word because a family can just never have too much support in a situation like this. The more likes they get on their page the more support they will sense which will keep them strong. Also, it just makes me so grateful that my little family is strong, happy, healthy and living our lives all together.

I am so glad that Sean was able to be discharged as a "single parent" because that baby needs him so much right now and I am glad that he and John are home together. On the other hand, my heart aches for the daddy who has to go through this alone. It aches for the baby who has had to go through his first couple months + of his life without his mother. And it aches the most for that mother who sadly may not wake up but if she does, I'm sure she will be so happy to have survived yet there will always be something missing. To be pregnant and then wake up to learn that your baby has gone through so much without you would be very difficult to wrap your head around. This family is definitly in my thoughts today. I truly hope that Mommy Brown will wake up and be able to be in her baby's life because every baby needs their mother.

I always hold Ayden close but today I'll be hugging him even tighter. I am so grateful that my life is right where it is as we all should be. Happiness is not having what you want, it's wanting what you have.


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  1. I've been missing your videos, so I came over to check out what's been going on. :) I, too, saw the Bringing Home the Browns page on FB, and my heart just broke for them. There is so very much to be thankful for, and I try to remind myself of that when I am having a 'moment'. The Browns are definitely in my prayers.