Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ayden had a great first Halloween!

I still had to teach dance today but before we left I made a huge pot of our venison chili (it ended up winning its category when David entered it in that contest at work!). We offered to provide dinner for everyone at David's parents house tonight.

Dance went well.  I dressed up as a cow girl for my pre-dance class since all of the girls were wearing their costumes.  While I was teaching, I looked over and Ayden had found our snack apple in the diaper bag and helped himself.  It was the first time he broke through the skin on his own as I usually take the first bite to get him started.  He has really gotten the hang of the whole tooth thing!

"Nom nom!"
We got out of dance an hour early and joined my sister, her family, and my parents at David's parents' house for visiting, trick-or-treating and dinner. It was a great night! Ayden was having a blast playing with his cousins and even played on his Grandma's piano a bit.

He fell asleep on the way home and transferred to bed easily. It was a good night all around. The only problem was that since Ayden enjoyed a lot of chili, and was so busy playing, he wasn't interested in nursing which made me get uncomfortably full by the end of the night. When he nurses less during the day he typically makes up for it at night so we'll see how much he wants to nurse tonight... He did a pretty good job of emptying things out when I put him to bed. I'm surprised he didn't choke from the pressure since my let down is pretty over-active when I'm that full! He must be used to it because he just steadily gulped in his sleep until it slowed down to normal.

Well, another first for the record books. It is neat that his birthday is in January because that put all of his "firsts" in his first year. We still can't believe that tomorrow is the beginning of NOVEMBER! Amazing how time flies when you are having so much fun.

Here are some pictures of Ayden in his puppy costume.  We chose it because dogs seem to be one of his favorite things at the moment.  We'd like to think that's what he would have chosen if he could :).  Enjoy!

"Scratch my belly!"
"Woof woof"
Those darn mittens would not stay on!
Hahaha, so cute!
Sit...  Good boy!

My handsome boys.  Love them so much!
Me with my little love. 
It was cold and a little rainy but we had fun!
Our little family :)
Hope everyone had a fun, safe and happy Halloween!!


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  1. Venison Chili recipe please!! Thank youu! You are the best and Ayden is adorably sweet all because of you two!! :)