Monday, October 1, 2012

Hands Up!

I didn't take any pictures today which is crazy... It was rainy and gloomy day so I suppose I was uninspired. Ayden and I spent the day in comfy clothes putting the house back together, room by room, after our whirlwind of a weekend. I also began the process of transitioning his closet from 3-6 month clothes to 6-9 month clothes.

Oh how I wish there was consistent sizing across brands! It seems more generic/cheaper brands (Circo, Faded Glory, Granimals, etc) run the smallest, brands like Carters and Old Navy seem to be right on weight range wise, and fancier brands like Baby Gapand The Children's Place run big. The only fancy brand that is not consistent with this is Gymboree which runs small until you hit 6 months. Then, instead of 6-9 months, the sizing jumps to 6-12 months... What's up with that? Though Gymboree is expensive and we haven't purchased anything there at full price, we have gotten gifts and hand me downs from there and the 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes fit Ayden really well. It seems that the clothes there fit thinner babes well. My sister hated their baby clothes because she had chunky babies so the clothes never fit right. Just goes to show that different brands fit babies differently. Perhaps that is why they are all so different. Maybe the head designers from each brand have one type of baby in mind. Anyway, the fact that some of the 3-6 month clothes still fit is making the transition drag out forever. I remember when I switched from 0-3 to 3-6 I finally just put everything away, even if it still fit, because I needed the space that the tubs were taking up. I can't do that as quickly this time because we haven't gotten my nephews 6-9 month tub of hand me downs yet so we don't have very many clothes yet. We got some stuff from our friends over the weekend, which will help, but I'll probably keep supplementing his current 6-9 month wardrobe with the bigger 3-6 month stuff until we get the tub from my sister. Now that my niece's birthday party is over, perhaps she'll have time to dig it out for us.

The afternoon was rough for Ayden. He was clingy and fussy and right when I got dinner started he just did not want to be put down. When David got home he got even worse. We put dinner on hold and started trouble shooting to find the source of the problem because we could tell that something was hurting him. Come to find out, he had a poopy diaper and something (a food) in the poop had irritated his bottom. He hasn't had any new foods recently so we aren't sure what caused it and will have to be on the lookout. I just stripped his diapers so it couldn't have be ammonia burns and I had just put him in a fresh diaper about an hour earlier so he didn't have it on for too long. His poop is still transitioning since he still nurses often so it doesn't always stink. It is possible he pooped without any of the usual signs right after I changed it without me knowing. Either way, the poor little guy was very unhappy!

Once we figured it out, gave him some airtime and put on some soothing coconut oil, he cheered right up and ended the evening doing what he does best these days. Standing practice!

He is seriously going to be taking steps before we know it... Slow. It. Down!

On another topic: Polly, our cat, hasn't been herself the past couple of days. Her appetite has been decreased and she spent the WHOLE day under our bed today. Ayden and I ran to Kroger to get her the cheap/junky food that she loves but I never feed her and luckily she ate most of that. At this point in her life (she is 14) she can eat whatever she wants as long as she's eating! She ended up coming out while David and I did some yoga after Ayden was in bed. She had always loved yoga time so I suppose she couldn't resist. I was so relieved when she curled up, purring, next to my mat. I love her so much and need for her to stay as young and spritely as possible until things slow down enough for me to really enjoy her again.  I have to admit that my worry for her made the afternoon rough.  All I wanted to do was snuggle up with her and make her feel better but I had to just leave her under the bed and be a mommy. It is very rare that I ever want to put being a mommy on pause but I did feel that way for a little while today.  Hopefully the new food will put some pep back in her step.

~ Sarah


  1. Aw sorry about Polly. I'm not a cat person but I know what it is to love your pet. Hope she feels better. Also I was wondering if you have done or could do a video on stripping diapers. I plan to CD with this second baby and I'm trying to equip myself with knowledge! I'm going to go check on this myself while I'm thinking of it.

  2. It might be teething causing his diaper rash. My daughter gets horrible diaper rashes right before a new tooth shows up.

  3. I'm thinking about you and Polly! She is such a sweet girl!!

  4. What method do you use to strip your diapers?