Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Rehearsal Day!

The car ride to Nashville was Ayden's best one yet!  He slept for the first half, woke up and played with me a little,

Sharing his teether with me :)
got a little fussy, then went back to sleep.  It was wonderful!  Right before we left, David discovered that teeth #5 and 6 have made their appearance.  No wonder Little Man was so fussy the past couple of weeks!  It seems like his top front teeth just came in and he wasn't exhibiting any of the usual teething signs, besides the fussiness, so it didn't even cross our minds.  

The rehearsal went well.  As long as David kept Ayden moving, he was quiet so we are hoping that works during the ceremony tomorrow.  If not, David will step out with him because there is nothing worse than a loud baby during an important ceremony!  

After the rehearsal
Ayden looked SOOO cute in his little outfit.  My phone died during the car ride (BOO) so I didn't get a good head to toe shot but he had his little tie shirt from my Gymboree sale haul, paired with Baby Gap jeans and shark Chucks that are hand-me-downs from his cousin (my sister gave me the 6-9 month bin!).  It's fun to have a reason to get all dressed up.  

After the rehearsal was, of course, the rehearsal dinner!  Ayden has never been in a nice restaurant before so we weren't really sure how it would go.  We got him a high chair and brought in his bib and he acted as though it is the only kind of dining he's ever known.  He was quiet and cute and ate really well.  The bib we brought has a pouch on the front to catch food when it falls.  At home, the pouch is covered by the tray of his booster seat but he didn't have a tray tonight. Half way through the meal, he looked down and found a plethora of food that he got to eat all over again. It was pretty funny! Nashville is an hour behind us so dinner started a half hour after Ayden's bedtime at home.  He was such a trooper but he did end up getting a little fussy and David held him and rocked him to sleep while the bridal party opened our gifts.  Jessica gave me a photo book of pictures that span our 22+ year friendship, a beautiful wine glass, a sweet book with friendship quotes and a beautiful thank you note that brought tears to my eyes. She stood with me in my wedding and I am so happy to be standing with her on her special day.   

We are all checked into our hotel, Ayden is tucked into bed and David is asleep with Family Guy on the TV.  Traveling and hotels = indulging in TV :).  Time to get my hubby and myself tucked into bed as well.   Tomorrow is wedding day!


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