Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Road Rage

On our morning walk!
Today was a great day! Ayden had a good night as far as sleep goes so I woke up ready to take on the day. I made it through my morning routine and even got the diaper laundry done early enough to let the sun work its magic on the stains.

Before and half way done.  When I got home they were super white!
I also vacuumed and made tonight's dinner all before leaving the house to go teach dance. There was also playing, book reading, stair climbing, Ayden's nap and such sprinkled In there.

I left a little early because I had a few errands to run on my way. I stopped by Whole Foods for a few things, took Ayden to David's Mom's office for a quick visit while I picked up my forgotten sunglasses from her, shipped something at the post office and checked out a book from the library. Even after running all those errands I still made it to the dance studio 15 minutes EARLY! Yay me :). Ayden had fallen asleep on the way there so I hung out in the car and planned a killer work out for my flex class (I usually resort to winging it, at which I'm luckily decent).

The evening went just as well. Ayden has gotten pretty comfortable at the studio and keeps himself pretty busy while I teach. I tried putting him in the walker my sister keeps there from when her babies were younger but he just used it like an exer-saucer. He didn't use it for walking until I took him out.

He loves to push things these days.  He has a little push cart that he loves and he now pushes the laundry baskets around.  I am definitely okay with the fact that he prefers to push the walker rather than use it correctly since his way exercises the walking muscles properly. Some folks are on the fence about whether or not walkers are appropriate for development. I personally feel about them as I do any "babysitting" device. If you leave them in it all day, every day they'll probably develop issues related to it. If it is used sparingly and the baby enjoys the time they do spend in it, it really can't hurt anything.  He pushed that walker up and down the 90 ft. hallway and then took a couple of laps around the room in the video above.  His persistence impressed me again, he is such a hard worker.  The funniest part of this activity was his "road rage" as I called it.  The hallway at the studio is very long but narrow and he kept pushing the walker at a diagonal thus kept hitting the wall.  When the wall would stop him he'd let out an angry little scream at it.  He did not want anything to stop him from his hard work, that's for sure!

The best part of our day, as always, was coming home and having time with just the three of us. It's always awesome to see David at the end of the day. Busy days are nice because you feel productive but they sure take a lot out of you! I am hoping I can make it into bed early tonight!

Here are a couple of bonus videos from the past couple of days that didn't make it into posts:


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