Monday, October 15, 2012

Playing Chase

Morning snuggles!
One of Ayden's new favorite games is playing chase.  He has always liked it when we held him and chased Maverick or each other around, but now he'll "run" away from us if we are coming after him.  We all actually crawl when we play these games.  For some reason, Ayden thinks it's hilarious when we crawl around with him.  I suppose he just loves that we are all on the same level, doing the same thing.  Here is a little clip of him "running" from me this morning:

It is so fun and adorable.  Our office is not baby-proofed by any means.  Most of the rooms in our house are set up to where he can play while we go about some sort of business in them whithout Ayden getting into too much trouble.  The office is another story.  We have to have 100% focus because there are computer cords, all kinds of buttons, trash cans, David's music gear, books, magazines, etc.  The funny part is that Ayden has made the connection between going after certain spots and us playfully stopping him.  Now he just starts crawling in the direction of said spots (ie. computer power strip) while looking over his shoulder at us and giggling.  It has turned into a game and we play right along. 

There are so many wonderful, snuggly things about the earlier days that I loved and sometimes miss but we are totally getting into two-way relationship territory and we love it!  He is saying, "Mama" and "Dada" a lot (still not purposfully but we have noticed a shift recently).  He will stand up, hold our legs and look up at us, wanting us to pick him up.  He does what I call "wallering" around in my lap while I take care of sitting chores like folding laundry or stuffing diapers.  He'll have a sock or cloth wipe in his hand and just use my lap like a jungle gym.  I love it because he could be anywhere in the room but he chooses to be right with me.  Today I was lying on the floor and he kept putting his entire mouth on various places on my face while giggling.  Not sure if they were kiss attempts or what but I do know that he was thouroughly enjoying whatever little game he was playing.  He also initiates peek-a-boo and gets so excited when David gets home from work.  We are still looking forward to the day when he wraps his little arms around our necks for a real hug but we are definitley feeling reciprocated love these days and it sure is sweet.

Our cuddly little man :)


  1. I played that video for my son (18 months) and he thought it was hilarious! He laughed and pointed at Ayden saying "baby!" so fun. Thanks for sharing!