Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wedding Day!

I love weddings. Something about hearing the vows and witnessing a couple bringing their lives together to make their own little family is so special. It is all about love and happiness, aka rainbows and sunshine; and if you know me then you know that is right up my alley. David and I have always had a strong relationship but even so, weddings always remind us how important we are to one another.

David and Ayden had a daddy-son day today.

Getting ready for an exciting day!
I had to be at the hair salon at 9 am so they dropped me off and we parted ways. David got through lots of playing, two naps, three feedings and only one meltdown. They both survived the day and were both very happy to see me!

As for the girls, we got our hair done then headed to the hotel to get ready.

All dolled up
The beautiful bride!
We got to the church and had all of the pictures taken and took part in the beautiful ceremony. Everything came out perfectly and when it was over the mother of the bride said, with tears welling up in her eyes, "This was the wedding she has always dreamed of. It was just perfect." It must be wonderful to give that to your daughter.  Poor David missed most of the ceremony because Ayden was making noises.  He was happy, but noisy just the same. It's all part of being parents.

Our little family.
The reception was an awesome dance party!  Ayden looked so cute in his little plaid hat and pants and, as always, was the talk of the town.

Dark picture but CUTE!
The receptionist at our hotel practically chased us down so she could get a better look.  He was in a great mood and once all of my bride's maid's obilgations were complete (thus no more concern of a ruined dress) I snuggled my baby, fed him the bottle I had pumped right before the ceremony and he sunk into my arms and fell asleep.  He spent the rest of the night sleeping on either David, my mom, or me or staring up at the dancing lights on the ceiling.  David and I haven't had that much fun in a long time! If there's good music, we love dancing so whether we were holding Ayden or not we danced!

My boys!
I couldn't have wished for a better day for my friend on her wedding day.  Everything was so perfect and I hope that their honeymoon is just as wonderful!  Now, if only we could help Ayden understand the sleeping in portion of our agenda tomorrow...  When you have a baby, the only problem with staying up late is that we typically wake up around 7:30am no matter what.  Even if we are tired tomorrow it was all worth it and we'd gladly do it all again!


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