Saturday, October 13, 2012

Attitude Is Everything

I was in a total funk this morning. We stayed up too late and I didn't have enough water throughout the day yesterday so I woke exhausted with a pounding headache. I just wanted to find a dark, quiet place where I could sleep undisturbed until I woke up on my own. But, as all parents know, that was not in the cards and won't be for a while. I usually feel better once I'm actually up and moving but before we could even get out of bed, Ayden let us know that it was going to be a bad spit up day. He spit up on David's pillow, my chest and our sheets.  It was not fun...

The spitting up has greatly decreased over the past few weeks and apparently we have become quiet spoiled. I had also become spoiled by letting Ayden hang out in only a diaper all summer. When he'd spit up, it would wipe right off of his skin and diaper which made things much more tolerable. Now that it is cooler, we have obviously been dressing him and today I had to change him 3 times before 10am. To make things worse, Ayden had enjoyed a green smoothie for breakfast so his spit up was far from the usual clear/white that it usually is. Needless to say, after having to change Ayden (who now hates being changed) so much on top of already being exhausted before our day had even started, my mood was not where we are all used to it being.

I was well aware that I needed an attitude adjustment, and could tell that my mood was rubbing off on David as well, so I tried to stay quiet while I got over "it" (whatever "it" exactly was...) We decided to go to a near by park to take a walk and let Ayden swing. Breathing in the crisp, Fall morning air, seeing Ayden have fun swinging, and talking on our walk was just the ticket. I still felt super tired (this should have been a nap day) but from that point on we all had a great day.

Ayden's nap routine was a little off which made his mood grumpy and clingy later in the day but that was understandable. David conquered some yard work while I straightened up inside and then went to the grocery. David played with Ayden while I took a long, hot shower and got ready (which was also a pick me up) and then our friends Whitney and Kellen joined us for dinner and a bon fire.

I am so glad I was able to turn my attitude around and salvage the day! Wasting energy on negativity and constantly focusing on what is going wrong is so exhausting. Life is too short! It is hard sometimes but it is so important to choose positivity and happiness.  And do you want to know the best part? The choice really is yours!

I didn't take any photos or video today (crazy!) so I shall leave you with this happy clip from a few nights ago.

I hope we could make you smile!



  1. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  2. thanks for sharing that sarah, i think all mums have those days!