Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

I have been filled with so much happiness today! I think part of it is my awareness of all the good in my life and the other part is the time of year. Though Spring is my favorite season, from Halloween through New Year's is always amazing! I suppose the window will probably extend to Ayden's birthday now so from late October through late January I shall be basking in warm fuzzies :).

Here are a few pictures of things that made me happy today:

No explanation necessary...
Found this gem on Pinterest during a nursing session:

So true, though I strongly believe that David loves him just as much as me.  Such a lucky kid :)
 We moved our little pumpkin family to the front porch:

Ayden is surveying my placement.  He's a fan!
 We successfully attempted the back carry in the Ergo.  It made baby wearing + house work = easy!

He then proceeded to take his afternoon nap back there!
 Ayden gave himself a goatee while "testing" his bath water:

He thought the bubbles tasted pretty good I suppose :)

Wrapped up the day with family time.  Can't be beat!
Tomorrow is Ayden's first Halloween! We can't wait to watch him celebrate it with his cousins! They are all dressing up as animals (a pig, a shark and Ayden the dog). Too bad his NY cousins won't be here too!! They will be Bat Man, a mad scientist and a cow (if my sister can keep the cow hat on her littlest one). Such fun traditions and memories to be made!

~ Sarah


  1. Can't wait to see costume pics!!!

    1. They're up on today's post. Enjoy!

  2. I have had "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" stuck in my head for three days! It's crazy that it was the title of your post today!

    1. Haha, we have the same thoughts even when we don't see each other for ages (which needs to be fixed, by the way!)