Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NOT Today!

Today was actually better for Polly. I think she has adjusted to her new mobility level for her hind legs so she came out a few times today, walking slowly, but she engaged in a few of her usual activities.

The usual: sunbathing, evading Ayden, eating and drinking.
I had to remind myself not to get my hopes up and that "it" is probably going to happen soon, but NOT today!  I gave her the prescribed steroid pill, as well as her usual thyroid medicine, but I did not need to give her any of the pain medicine or fluids.  Polly has been in my life since I was in the 8th grade and has been by my side through so much.  She has made me laugh countless times, caught so many of my tears and has helped stress melt away just by purring in my lap and letting me stroke her soft fur.  She has been such a wonderful companion and was my first "baby."  She loves it when I sing, nap and pretty much everything else that I do.  She is sitting on my lap right now and is just purring away.  I am still not trying to get my hopes up but her back feet seem to feel warmer today.  Almost normal...  Yesterday they felt cold to the touch and they just don't feel that way today.  Could the clot have disipated?  Could she be in that "less than 10% chance?"  Only time will tell and I am so happy that her quality of life doesn't seem to be hindered much at this point.  I am also so happy that we are getting some more time together and that I was given a chance to really appreciate her again after yesterday's scary wakeup call.  I still can't believe the vet encouraged me to euthanize her.  I am so fortunate to have supportive family and friends, who encouraged me to trust in my instincts to give her a little more time and a chance.  Whether it is your vet, peditritian or your own doctor, just because they are a "professional" doesn't mean they always know what is best for you, your children or your pets.  Be an indipendent thinker, and if what they are recommending doens't feel right, do your own research, question them, get a second opinion, etc.  You are your own best advocate!

In Ayden news, we are officially out of the "stormy period," according to Wonder Weeks and I could really tell today.  Ayden still had some fussy periods here and there but he had some SUPER happy, even giggly periods too.  Wednesdays are tricky because I teach dance until 6:30 and don't get home until after 7.  By the time we have dinner, and get Ayden bathed and in bed, he's usually over tired and cranky because it's way past his bedtime.  I have to wrestle him into his diaper and PJs and it takes him a while to fall asleep.  The past couple of nights he's just sat quietly in his bath with sleepy eyes, talking quietly to his ducks and splashing with his washcloth.  He gave me sweet smiles as I gave him his lotion massage and got him ready for bed.  Then he nursed right to sleep, no fussing involved.  He also ate a TON at dinner so I'm hoping that full belly right before bed will last him a while.  It seems that chicken is his new favorite meat.  He still loves to suck/chew on steak and pork but he actually eats chicken.  Sleeping has gotten better lately but now that we are out of the stormy period it should get awesome!  How do you like that positivity and enthusiasm?  We shall see just how awesome it gets but if any baby can put the research behind Wonder Weeks to the test, it is Ayden!

Sometiems I can't help but step back and analyze Ayden from a professional standpoint. He has made some serious social, cognitive and physical jumps recently.  He has been practicing his standing for a while, but now we can add climbing:

and assisted walking to the list:

He is beginning to mimic our sounds (raspberries, fake coughing, lip smacking, mama, dada, mmmba and ahda are his favorites) along with locating familiar items when prompted (light, duck, dog/Maverick, cat/Polly, his boy bits, Mommy, Daddy).  He has become fascinated with noses and other children. He is our smart boy!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of weekend trip preparations!


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