Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sad Day For Sarah

Getting into trouble today!
We've mastered sock pulling and climbing...
 I was so relieved when Polly greeted me as usual this morning and ate every bite of her breakfast. Ayden and I went to Hip Hop Hustle this morning but it didn't last very long. After about 15 minutes the gal who was watching him brought him in and he was sniffling and trying to catch his breath. The poor baby had snot and tears running down his face so I scooped him up and told him it was okay and that we'd try again next time. He had fallen asleep on the way there so I was thinking it might not work out but then we walked through the door and he became Mr. Social, passing out smiles all around, so that made me think he'd be fine. He fell back to sleep before we were even out of the shopping center so he just must have needed an early morning nap.

When we got home and he woke up, we took Mav for a long walk and then went up to Ayden's room to play.

While we were in there, Polly came out of our bedroom and did not look good. She was sort of dragging her hind legs and collapsed, panting right in front of me. My heart broke for her as the severity of the situation sunk in. I thought surely today would be the day I would lose her.

David called Little Miss' mom for me to get some advice (she owns a pet store) and she said it sounded systematic and that I should take her to a vet right away. I called my mom and she came to hang with Ayden while I took my sweet Polly to the vet.

The prognosis is not good. She has a blood clot that is greatly decreasing circulation to her legs. As time passes the tissue in her hindquarters will begin to die from lack of proper blood flow which will become painful and cause further paralysis. The vet told me that there was nothing they could do to treat the clot and that there is only a 10% chance that the clot would dissolve on its own. He gave me two options: 1) admit her so they can give her fluids and pain medication while we wait it out or 2) euthanize her.

I chose my own, third option. I requested pain medication that I could administer myself and brought her home. I got a bag of fluids from Little Miss' mom and she taught me how to administer those myself as well. As of right now, Polly isn't in pain and she is still rubbing on my fingers like she always has. As long as there is a spark in her eyes, and no pain, she'll be in the comfort of her own home and we'll have a little more time together.

Hanging in there...
Who knows, a miracle could happen but I'm not getting my hopes up. I will give her pain medication as needed to keep her comfortable and will make further decisions when/if her condition worsens. Today was a very emotionally exhausting day and I am ready for tomorrow.

Life is so precious. We need to live each day as of it is our last with those that we love. Are you?



  1. Samantha (samlsvgs)October 2, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    Just sending you a big snuggly hug, Sarah. I am a cat person myself. I had my last for 23 years and my current is 13. I know the feeling honey - hang in there.

  2. I'm so sorry for you and Polly. Tears and Internet hugs for you!

  3. *tears* hugs for u Sarah..hang in their Polly

  4. I'm so sorry Sarah. Polly is lucky to have your love. Healing thoughts and lots of hugs to you and your previous Polly.

  5. That should have said "precious" Polly.