Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nine Lives

Morning Walk!
It seems as though the miracle I wished for has come true! I suppose Polly used one of her nine lives because she is getting better each day. She trotted into the kitchen this morning and even jumped onto the back of the couch and the kitchen counter (something we usually scold her for but today we celebrated). I called the vet that saw her on Tuesday and gave him the update and he was amazed. He said her saving grace was that it was only a partial clot so the tissue must have been getting *enough* blood flow to prevent permanent damage. He said she would probably have to stay on prednisone long term, which can lead to pancreatic problems down the road but that she really "dodged the bullet" this time. I'll need to do some more research on the effects of long-term steroid use but for now Polly is on the mend!! She's not quite back to her old self but everyday gets better.

Today was errand day and Ayden was a little ray of sunshine the whole time! He was smiling at and "talking" to anyone who looked his way and got lots of attention. When we got home he played so well while I made dinner and prepped food for the weekend. During this time, he learned how to open the cabinet doors. Goody!! It seems as though we have a little more child proofing to do on the few cabinets that house cleaners and breakables. He also was content enough for me to work on a very important craft project that I will share after this weekend (Jess and Adam's WEDDING weekend!!).

Mr. Social and myself at the mall :)
Ayden also said, "Dada" clear as day to David several times. I wanted to note it because this may mark his first word! We'll see how he increases doing it for David and decreases saying it randomly over the weekend. I have also noticed he is getting his tongue involved in his babbling and is adding some "L" sounds here and there. I just love listening to him babble!

The house is a wreck but today was a great day. Now that Ayden is in bed I'm going to clean up a bit, finish said craft and pack a little. I have most of the day tomorrow but I'll sleep better if things are organized.

Tomorrow, we head to Nashville!


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  1. So incredibly happy for you that your Polly has her health back!