Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bath Time For Mommy

Last night, after the boys were sound asleep, this is where I found myself:

The picture turned out darker here than on my phone but you get the idea...
It was as relaxing and wonderful as it looks. I spent about a half hour soaking with the jets on in my LUSH bath bomb infused water, reading my current fiction novel: The Land Of Painted Caves. When I got out I painted my nails a warm fall color and slipped into bed. It was such a peaceful way to end my day!

Morning walk.  Keeping his fuzzy head warm!
Today we went to story time and then spent the afternoon at the mall with my sister and her kids. All three of our kids were in great moods and we really enjoyed some high quality, low stress sister time. My sister is usually rushed or stressed because she is a very busy small business owner; but since this is her Fall break things were nice and chill.

Ayden was in a sweet, snugly mood today. I took the stroller into the mall just in case but ended up wearing him most of the time. Now that he is so mobile, some days he likes being worn but others he prefers more freedom and fusses when he's in the carrier. I try it most days but never force it on him since it's not enjoyable for either of us if he fights it. Today was one of those days where he would have been perfectly content in my arms all day so wearing him was wonderful. He spent some time people watching and babbling and then fell right to sleep. He kept laying his head back and dropping his mouth open. It was so funny.

It didn't seem like a comfortable position to me so I kept putting his cheek back on my chest but he seemed to like hanging his head back. Silly kid.

No worries, his nose was not as smooshed as it looks :)
After the mall we stopped at Whole Foods for a few things we had run out of (dish soap, olive oil, chocolate, you know... the essentials):

"Mommy!  I found Maverick!!"
He was fascinated by all the dog pictures on the food bags.
Then we swung by a couple of consignment stores. The kid store only accepted two of my neighbor's items but the other store took all of my old Old Navy work pants that I'll never wear again. I used the money to purchase a few things for myself. These consignment stores are so picky about what they accept that the clothes are like new. If you don't have anything specific in mind and don't mind treasure hunting, it is definitely a smart way to shop!

It's been so long since I've spent an entire day shopping that I had forgotten how draining it is. I am so tired! I think tonight's me time will be extra sleep!



  1. that photo with ayden asleep with his head back is so gorgeous Sarah, he just looks so relaxed! i almost wish someone could carry me in a carrier and i could go to sleep like that! he he xx

  2. I love consignment shipping. My husband and I went and picked up some things for our son's starter Fall wardrobe and were surprised that on top of th already great deals we feel we get there they were giving us an additional 40% off of the entire purchase since they are trying to reduce their overflow of stock! I really think its the best et to shop or babies especially since they get only one seasons worth of wear out of the clothes when they're that young!