Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brave Boy

Free standing!
Huge nighttime diaper = super short looking legs :)
Dressed for the day!
We are enjoying our new wardrobe options.
I attempted to go to another morning workout class today and Ayden did *better* than last time.  The first time I went he played for the whole hour and didn't cry until he saw me at the end.  The second time we went, he cried his little head off.  This time he was a little more brave.  He cried off and on and instead of taking him home, I'd go into the room and play a bit until he'd calm down and then return to the class.  I am hoping that after another visit or two, he'll be familiar and comfortable enough to play without tears.

Exploring my yoga mat after class.
When we got home I finally finished the clothes swap and got Ayden's room and closet all cleaned and organized.  I also did a few loads of laundry and got those clothes put away as well.  Go me!  The mirror in our bedroom kept Ayden pretty occupied until he got stuck...

He was "yelling" for help!
Of course I took a picture before freeing him...
After David got home we made a Good Will run since we've been doing some purging and all the stuff has been taking the place of one of our cars in the garage.  After that we came home for dinner!  I made shrimp zucchini "pasta" with avocado pesto and Ayden LOVED it!  He was eating the avocado pesto from a spoon and kicking his little feet with anticipation each time I loaded up the spoon.

Ate every bite!
I also have a lot of clothes that our old neighbor gave us that a) aren't really our style and b) we don't really need anymore since we finally got the 6-9 month bin from my sister.  We are so lucky that she has a similar baby dressing style to ours and that she bought so many clothes for our nephew!  I did keep a few things from the neighbors box including some plain white onsies (you can never have too many, especially in the Fall) and a dog Halloween costume.

Woof woof!
He loves dogs so that's what I was thinking he should be anyway.  Either that or a dog sled driver (do they have a technical name?) with Maverick as his sled dog. I was also going to attempt to make his costume but since this one was free and just happened to be in his size, we are going to go with it.  It's one more thing marked off the list and lets face it, I don't have the time or money to be making a dog costume from scratch.  Maybe next year...

Since we don't really need our old neighbor's clothes, I am going to attempt to sell them at a consignment store tomorrow.  We shall see how that goes. We need more white onesies for layering so hopefully I can get enough to exchange for some of those if they have them.  My sister is off work for Fall break so we are going to go to the mall together after story time.  I don't plan to buy anything myself but it will be fun to hang out together and let the kiddos play in the play area together.  Ayden is tucked in bed and I still have to clean up the kitchen.  Tonight's "me time" is going to be reading in the bath and I can't wait!



  1. Do you have recipe video for the shrimp pasta? Sounds delish!

  2. I wouldn't feel right consigning stuff that someone donated to me...
    The pasta sounds delicious!

  3. I think consigning the clothes you aren't going to use in exchange for something you can use is a great way to make the most of your neighbors nice gesture. I bet they wouldn't mind! BTW Ayden makes for an adorable little puppy!!!

    1. I thought so too, Maria! Thanks for always seeing the good in everything :)