Sunday, October 7, 2012

Road Trip History!

We lucked out this morning and got to sleep an hour longer than we expected. We got up around 8:30 our time and planned to leave during Ayden's morning nap. This was our fifth road trip with Ayden and the way home was the best car ride of Ayden's little life. We put him in the car fed and sleepy but not yet asleep. He babbled for a little while and before we knew it he was silent. He slept for almost the ENTIRE 3 hour car ride! He did this once before, on the way to our family reunion, but we left around bedtime. This was the first nap he's ever taken that was longer than an hour and a half. The car ride was so peaceful. I drove and David read some of Mocking Jay to me. We also got to talk about all of the wonderful wedding festivities and other good stuff. When he finally woke up, he was in such a great mood after taking such a monster nap!

When we got home he had a lot to do... We ate a late lunch, made the meal plan/grocery list, went to pick up the pets (Polly is still doing GREAT!), dropped the pets off at home, went to the grocery, came back home, put the groceries away while we made dinner then ate dinner. By the time we were ready to start Auden's bedtime routine he was still in a good mood but it was late and our window for easy transition to sleep had closed. After his bath I tried to nurse him to sleep in our bed, since David was ready to go to sleep, but he kept rolling over and wanting to play with Polly who was under the covers.

"Guess what mom? I'm so sleepy that I'm not tired anymore!"
I brought him into his room and tried the glider because that usually can keep him still since there's not really anywhere to go but he kept getting up. I finally put him in his crib, turned his soother on, sat in the glider and started writing this post. He played in his crib for a while and when he was ready he stood up, reached for me and rubbed his eyes. The eye rubbing was just what I was looking for. It's a tell tale sign that my window had opened back up. He nursed right to sleep and is snuggled into me now.

I love having a baby and though I try to remind myself that there is no way to slow or stop this one way train, I can't help but realize that one day he won't want to snuggle with me and won't *need* me anymore. It can be hard or a little "inconvenient" during busy times, to have a little person depend on you for so much; but for the most part, I love that he needs/wants his mommy as much as he does. I try my best to savor every moment because these days will pass all too soon and I know I'll miss them so much! We love just letting him be a baby.

We are so proud of Ayden and how awesome he did this past weekend! He is such a trooper and despite his strong personality he was able to go with the flow and be very adaptable.

Tomorrow is "put the house back together day" because it is a WRECK. I also plan to finish switching out Ayden's clothes from summer 3-6 month to Fall/Winter 6-9 month. I can't wait to see all of the new wardrobe options that we have now!


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  1. I miss your grocery haul videos! Glad you guys made it back safe and sound! :)