Monday, October 29, 2012

Lil' Pumpkin

Today flew by in the blink of an eye! We started the day with our usual snuggles and giggles:

Snuggled up for our morning walk.
The rest of the morning was filled with errands (new light bulbs for the light above my stove, new cord for my external hard drive [FREE from the Apple Store], failed attempt to find a pack of white Carter's 9 month long sleeve onsies, etc). Then Ayden and I met my mom at the pumpkin patch at 2. We quickly got my "tradition" pictures:

Just missing Daddy...
and then had a hot apple cider date in the cafe until she had to leave to go teach dance. I sent David a picture and it made him sad he couldn't be there for it. I told him it was super cute but quick and that he didn't miss much. All we were missing was a family picture on a huge chair that they have out front but the orchard is open through November so there is still time for that. I just really wanted the pumpkin patch pictures before Halloween!

Fun with "Naunie"
I tried cooking a new, to me, squash at dinner.

The recipe I was attempting was "Stuffed Turban Squash" but we ended up eating the stuffing (italian sausage and veggies) without the squash because even though I made the oven 15* hotter than the recipe called for, and turned on the speed bake feature, it still took over twice as long to cook through! Talk about frustrating. I suppose my squash must have been bigger than the squash in the recipe? Who knows... At least we'll get to eat the squash and stuffing together for left overs tomorrow.

After dinner, we went for a cold and windy evening walk and then had our first family pumpkin carving! We kept Ayden busy in his booster with pumpkin lids, the shapes I cut out of his pumpkin, non-sharp carving tools and a little bit of water in his tray. He was content long enough for us to finish his pumpkin, for David to get his pumpkin scraped and carved and I got mine scraped. Then he was ready for bed. I got him snuggled into his crib and then finished mine.

Ayden's first pumpkin carving!
If you haven't guessed already, holiday traditions are so important to me. My mom always made holidays so fun and magical and I have always wanted to do the same for my children. Plus, anything that can bring a family together for some good, clean fun and memory making is always a good thing!

Our little pumpkin family :)
This makes my heart so happy!!!
The wind is blowing like crazy tonight, I hope it doesn't wake our lil' pumpkin while he waits for us to settle in together for the night!

I'm not exactly sure what tomorrow's plans hold. I need to sit down and plan a little more structure for my days. I've enjoyed taking it day by day for a few weeks and now I'm craving more predictability. Perhaps I'll share any schedule ideas I come up with. I see a window command center revamp in my near future!


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