Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making Strides

We had a big morning at out house! Ayden has taken a few little steps on days prior but today we are saying he officially took his first steps :).

He's far from walking (which is okay with us since he is only 9 months) but he's well on his way!  We are just so proud of all of his hard work.

We were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch for our second birth class meet up but the forecast looked cold and rainy. David suggested that we change the plans and have everyone over to our house instead. I was reluctant to agree at first because 1) we had just hosted an event yesterday and the thought of doing it again for even more people was daunting and 2) This was our scheduled visit to the pumpkin patch this season.   Getting pictures of Ayden in the pumpkin patch and next to the growth chart at the orchard are traditions that I want to have and missing out on the first year was not really something I was interested in.  I decided to look at the big picture, though, and realized that nobody would get any quality visiting or playing in at the pumpkin patch today so I finally acquiesced. My new plan is to take Ayden by myself to get my pictures tomorrow. Not quite as fun as a day at the orchard as a family but at least our tradition won't be ruined before it even started.  Lesson learned: go ahead and go as a family in late September or earlier in October and then just go again with other people if so inclined...

The meet up ended up being a success and all of the babies really played well together. It was good to catch up with everyone, as always, and after all was said and done I will admit that plan B was much better.

After everyone left we were all pretty tired (Ayden skipped his afternoon nap altogether) so we made a quick dinner, took our family walk, skipped Ayden's bath and got him to bed early. It's never been hard to get him to sleep, or even back to sleep whenever he wakes up but tonight getting him to sleep was effortless.

All bundled for our walk.  Already so sleepy!

I say this time and time again but I am such a lucky gal. David really stepped up and helped get the house ready for our unexpected company today as well as cleaning up everything after. By the time it ended, I had gone too long without eating and was in need of a snack to give my blood sugar a boost. He could tell just by how I was acting and gave me a snack while I was making dinner. He knows me so well and takes such good care of us. I don't know what we'd do without him!

~ Sarah

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