Thursday, October 3, 2013

How To: DIY Wedding Card

David's cousin is having a couple's bridal shower this weekend. Since it is in Louisiana, we won't be able to make the trip but we are still sending our love!

It seems like greeting card prices just get higher and higher these days!  I have a surplus of scrap booking paper and other crafting supplies around the house so it just makes sense for me to try and make my own if/when I have the time and today I did!

Here are the supplies you'll need for this particular card:

- brown, white and black scrapbooking paper (card stock will work too!)
- a card/envelope for tracing/stuffing
- a silver or gold permanent marker
- a black pen or fine tipped marker
- scissors
- glue
I keep small, blank memo cards around just in case I need to write a quick thank you or thinking of you card so I used one of those as my template.

I layered it on top of my brown paper and cut along the edges.

Folded it in half...

Used the straight edge of the scrap to draw diagonal likes across the front with my silver permanent marker...
I used a pen to free hand a bow tie on the black paper and cut it out,
Ayden drew bow ties of his own... 
I cut out the pearls.  One large, then I folded it in half and cut three more circles, gradually decreasing in circumference.  I ended up with 7 total.

Glued them into place (flip the bow tie upside down so the pen marks don't show)
Write whatever you'd like on the front...
And the inside!
(I used the green envelope from the blank card that I traced)
The crafting perfectionist in me was not totally happy with the way my writing turned out on the front.  I wanted to simply write "bride" under the pearls and "groom" under the bow tie but Ayden drew on our window seal with his black (luckily washable) marker and I had to stop in between writing the two words.  As a result, when I came back, I was out of the zone and wrote groom smaller and off center from the bow tie.  I resisted the urge to start all over (a waste of time and supplies!) and tried my best to make it work.  The end result was less than stellar but such is life as a crafty mother of a toddler sometimes!  I'm sure the recipients won't even notice (or care if they do!).

This project was free for me since I already had all of the supplies on hand. The only thing I wish I had was a fine tip marker rather than an ink pen for the writing but sometimes you just have to use what you've got.

I would like to add that while I did use my own creativity for building the card, the original idea behind it was not my own. I googled DIY wedding cards and came upon this picture in an Etsy shop. It was my inspiration and I ran with it from there.

Have you ever made a homemade greeting card? How did it turn out?


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