Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Otherwise Overlooked

Having a toddler has helped us take more time to appreciate the little things we may otherwise overlook. During a walk with Ayden we stop every few steps to marvel at everything from bugs and flowers to dead worms and raccoon poop. Our walks take a while but there is so much opportunity for conversation. Ayden will crouch down and say his usual, "Wasis?" We'll tell him and, since he has recently grasped the "big/little" concept, he will then tell us whether he thinks what we are looking at is "Biiii" (in the voice we use to sing big hairy spider at story time) or "Li-lul."  We drop everything and search the sky for airplanes ("hair-pae"), helicopters  ("He-caca") and geese if we hear them. 

We stopped to admire this tiny sider web.
"Where Itty Bitty Baba?"

And we helped this little lady cross the road
(SO tempting to just bring her home with us)

Everyday is an adventure and every sight and creature is something amazing to behold.  If you want an eye opening experience to show you the beauty all around you, spend a day with a toddler.

What has your toddler helped you notice lately that you may have otherwise overlooked?


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  1. This is so true! My son and I found a dead craw dad (craw as he calls them) and though it takes so much effort for me not to get squeamish at some of our discoveries I love how spending time looking at the world through my son's eyes has changed my perspective. There's nothing better!

    1. My 17 month old son and I watched a small-ish spider wrap up a bug in web and although I'm not a huge fan of spiders, it was fascinating to watch and quite the learning experience for him. I tried not to act squeamish either!