Friday, October 18, 2013

Variety Is the Spice Of Life

  As a house keeper or homemaker or whatever you want to call it, my routine ebbs and flows. I have to go with the flow (Ayden's flow to be exact) or else I'd pull my hair out. Today we had a play date scheduled at noon so I changed my routine to give me a chance to still get all of my daily "home blessings" (aka: chores) done and thus, freedom to play. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it worked better for me. I am going to try it out for a few days next week to see if maybe I'll make a permanent change in my daily routine.

You can read about a typical day for me in this post. The big difference between that routine and today's was that I usually complete my morning routine, have "Ayden time" then do some  afternoon chores. Today, however, I did my chores for the day right after my morning routine, saving Ayden time for during the play date. I got so. much. done. I also had the same satisfaction and freedom that I feel after working out first thing in the morning. My cleaning was done and out of the way, freeing my mind to focus on Ayden more during the afternoon and play without any thoughts if what else was left to do.

"Two li-lul!, Two li-lul!"
(translation: Two little flowers, Mommy!")
The play date was actually cancelled last minute and rescheduled for Monday but no biggie!  I still got a glimpse of what a change up in my schedule may offer. Ayden and I spent the afternoon playing outside with Maverick and a centipede, sharing an ants on a log snack, napping together and enjoying a nice, clean house. 

Sometimes going with the flow can help open your mind to a better way of doing things that you wouldn't have otherwise chosen for yourself. With our new storytime venue and now a possible change in our everyday routine, it seems as though I really did need to spice things up. As Tony Horton always says, "Variety is the spice of life!"  

What is the order of events in your daily schedule?  Do you like to change things us every now and then?


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  1. We have a schedule for ourselves around here, but we throw it out during the weekends when DH is home.