Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Spooky Water Play

Ayden has been asking to play in the sink lately. I love letting him play in the water but don't so much like the wasting of the water part. He gets to play with water in the bath but we do not bathe him every single day. So I decided it was time to bust out a dish tub for some non bath time, sinkless water play. 

Vinyl table cloth and a towel for easy clean up.
I also added some Halloween sponges, cups, etc. for added interest.

He was occupied for a good 20 minutes!
I was able to clean up the kitchen in peace.

I have discussed the benefits of water play in this post so I will spare you the details here but I've never met a child who doesn't love it. That should be enough proof right there that it must be helping them achieve something. 

Sensory input/processing
Fine motor strengthening (squeezing sponges)

Exploring volumes.
Transferring liquids from one container to another.
More fine motor and hand eye coordination.
(an old bath tub mat cut into a shape
 and an eye dropper to put a little in each suction cup)

And a towel to clean up after himself (self help)

In my classroom I had water play available at all times. I am going to start putting it out most mornings so Ayden can come and go as he pleases with it, just as my students were able to.  He hasn't gotten the idea to dump it... yet...  When he does, it will be a good opportunity to mop the floor and a chance to remind him of our water play expectations.

Does your child love water play too??


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