Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Powerful Minds

Have you ever been around a parent who always seems to be talking about how "they can't wait to get a break because their kids keep them from getting anything done" or "that thing their kid does drives them crazy, " etc, etc. I actually know so many parents who do this. It may just be a way to make conversation but what about this?

The mind is a powerful thing. Even if we are "just saying it," without any real meaning behind it; if we do it enough, we may just start to believe it. This holds true for spouses, family members, pets and even ourselves too (obviously we would be there but you get the picture). 

We all know parenthood isn't all sunshine and roses and everyone needs to vent once in a while, but maybe we could try not to make it a habit to talk negatively about our loved ones. If a friend needs a listening ear about a hard time they are having, resist the urge to chime in about your own life and just listen to what they have to say. Negativity is like a virus and there is no need to let it spread into your heart. 

When I was a teacher, I had a student who really pushed me to my limit every. single. day.  I took pride in being able to connect with my students easily, as well as their parents.  Once I made a connection, it seemed their desire to be good and to make right choices in my classroom came naturally; so it was extremely frustrating that that student didn't work that way.  I found that days where I vented about her to my fellow teachers just made her that much more frustrating to me when we were together again.  But on the days where I made a point to have some sort of positive interaction and then went and celebrated that success, however small, I had something to hold on to.  Something to build on the next time we interacted, or at least something that I could use to help me keep perspective when she pushed my buttons again.  The latter always took more of my energy in the moment but those days were the ones I am proud of when I look back on my time with her.  The rest of the days?  Let's just say I am less than proud when I remember how I handled them.  

I'd like to propose a challenge.  Think of 5 positive things about your child, spouse, friend or family member who is really testing you these days and list them below. Let's spread the love!! (and give us that something we need to get us through a tough day.)


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  1. Blogging helps me appreciate my child! When I get to brag about him and actually list his accomplishments, it makes me proud that he's mine ☺ he is a high- energy little guy and I often describe him as "mischievous" but I mean it in a fun, silly way. He is exactly a product of how my husband and I were as children