Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shopping Buddies

Ayden is such a good shopping buddy. He sings songs and jabbers away. If he's stting up in the cart he gives me kisses and likes to touch or smell whatever it is I am checking out. He participates in the experience and it is a lot of fun.

If he is in a car cart, he buckles himself in with both buckles and drives with both steering wheels. Often we'll get to the checkout line and I'll find he has chosen an item or two from low shelves that we and I have to give them back to the cashier and let them know that my 21 month old son picked them out without my knowing. The cashier, of course, is amused.

If we are making a quick trip in somewhere he loves to push his own little cart. He usually puts his head down and goes full speed ahead so I have to warn him if he's about to hit something. No end cap display is safe from Ayden. He seems to be an impulse buyer at heart and I have to talk him down from many tempting purchases. 

Sometimes he puts them in his cart anyway and tries to get away. Bystanders always think this is pretty hilarious. 

Super blurry but it shows he's a boy on a mission...
He is a very good boy on any shopping adventure. He really seems to enjoy he experience. Being with me, people watching, touching/seeing/smelling/sometimes even tasting new things (free samples are awesome!). I suppose there is a lot for a toddler to enjoy. 

In other news, today was a chilly day and we even had a tiny bit of snow. We couldn't believe our eyes!  Ummm, Mother Nature... It's OCTOBER!

I've been working on Ayden's Halloween costume during nap time and after he goes to sleep at night for the past few days. I've probably put in about 2 hours and here is where we stand:

This has been the perfect first semi-homemade Halloween costume for me!  I say semi because I did not make the sweat suit or the felt, of course. Just call me the Sandra Lee of dinosaur costumes, "Keep it simple, keep it smart and always keep it semi-homemade" haha. It just needs a few finishing touches and we will have a real live dinosaur on or hands!

 Have you ever made a homemade Halloween costume?  What was it and how did it turn out? 


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Same 'Ol, Same 'Ol"

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1 comment:

  1. The costume is adorable! I have been following your blog for months and I have to say it is amazing. My daughter is 10 months today and I love watching your journey because it gives me a heads up on what is to come. I am making an owl costume for my little girl this halloween. I wish it had only taken a couple hours but I went a little crazy gluing each felt feather individually. I have to say that making the costume was fun and will make the memories even more special this year.