Friday, October 25, 2013

Tic Tac Toe To Go!

I'm here today with another simple DIY gift idea:

This project was free for me because I used materials that I already had around the house; but even if you needed to buy a few things I'd imagine the total would be under $5, especially if you hit up The Dollar Store.

The materials I used for this project were:
-Scrap fabric
-Matching thread
-Scrap ribbon
-Rotary Cutter (can use scissors instead)
-Sewing Machine (though this would be easy to hand sew)
-Fabric Marker
-Stones in 2 contrasting colors

I wanted to share a link to the tutorial that I used to make the bag but couldn't find it again. Sorry!!

 It was my first time making a drawstring bag and the tutorial was SUPER easy to follow for a beginner sewer like myself.  There are a TON of tutorials out there, though, so googling or a search on Pinterest will do the trick.

For the game name and board, I just used a Sharpie fabric marker to write on the front and draw lines directly on the back of the bag.

 I considered picking up a fabric medium and using my acrylic craft paint but I limited myself to use what I already had and it turned out just fine. If you do not have (or want to buy) two different colors of stones, you can use a paint pen to draw X's and O's on the stones.

We sent this off to New York for our nephew's 5th birthday and it was a hit! I hope he and his brothers can find hours of good old fashioned fun in this little bag. 

To take the "to go" concept a couple of steps further you could put Velcro dots on the game board and stones or provide a metal tray game board and magnets. 

What was your favorite travel game as a child? My sisters and I played the card game "War" a lot and had tiny travel monopoly and checkers game sets. We also liked to read and play Mad Libs. These days I suppose all you really need is a phone or iPad full of movies and games. Kind of sad to let go of all of the old fashioned car entertainment yet kind of nice because it is so much less to pack... 


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  1. So cute of idea. I have a great paleo recipe to share with u. I know this is random but this was soooo yummy i just had to share. Its called avocado and shrimp salad. Its about 2 chopped avocado, 1/4 of a jalepeno pepper chopped, a handful of chopped cilantro leaves, 1/2 of a cucumber chopped, a half of a lime's juice, salt, garlic powder to taste and of course small cooked shrimp, about 2 c. Loved this. U could add more stuff, have fun with it. Very satisying.