Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Great {wet} Pumpkin Hunt

We met up with some friends at the pumpkin patch today!  It was supposed to be raining off and on all day so we had a back up plan just in case; but things cleared up and the forecast looked promising (sunshine and all!) so back to plan A it was. As soon as we got to the orchard it started raining again and as it turns out, off and on was no. joke.

We had lunch and walked around the shop while we waited for the rain to let up. Once it did, we made it out just long enough to take our 2nd annual (and Baby Girl's 1st) "How Tall This Fall" picture before we had another downpour. 

Ayden looked so thrilled this year... 
We walked around inside some more until the rain let up then made our way back out to "pick" our pumpkins. Pumpkin picking at this orchard is nowhere near the pumpkin patch. They go ahead and pick them and put them all on display out front of their store with the prices already written on them. It makes things run smoothly on a busy day but you loose a little of the pick-your-own-pumpkin charm. Going to the actual patch may be an option but we've never done it that way. So pumpkin "picking" is just picking your favorite out of the display. Ayden liked all of the "biiig" ones (as he kept telling us).

We finally found our little family of pumpkins and then... You guessed it!  Another downpour!  We seriously were considering the possibility that Mother Nature was playing a trick on us. We paid for our pumpkins and on our way out heard some thunder and then we knew the warmup was over. Ayden and I were in the car and David was buckling Ayden in as the sky opened up and POURED!!  David got SOAKED. 

Okay... So maybe today wasn't the best choice for a day at the pumpkin patch but we still had a great time!  Bring great friends and a fun place together and you can't go wrong. Even if you get a little wet. 

Have you ever been caught in the rain but decided to have fun anyway? It makes for good stories!


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Wedding Day!"

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  1. Aw. Ayden looked the opposite of thrilled but I'm sure he had fun spending the day with mommy and daddy! I recently got caught in the rain with my boys. I was miserable (heavy, wet maternity jeans = no fun!) but I pretended it was sooooo fun so my son would not get upset at the water in his face. Totally works! He was so cute. I think he was pretending to have fun since he thought I was having fun because there was confusion on his face as he cried "yaaaay!!" Like he was thinking "this woman is crazy, but ok..."