Friday, September 19, 2014

Alone With Two

You know Fall really is in the air when the husky willingly spends the morning on the porch!

I would call my first day alone with our two kiddos a great success. 

Between feedings and diaper changes,

Bum Genius XS
Fuzzibunz XS
We took three walks:

The life saver award winning toddler occupier of the day was:

A new play-doh press from his busy bin!
I think the biggest challenge was when I needed to put Logan down and couldn't keep an eye on Ayden (while I ran the vacuum). Ayden has been very gentle with Logan so far but I'm not about to leave him unsupervised with him...  I ended up putting Logan in his swing upstairs and put up the gate. 

I had to turn off the vacuum and listen for him every now and then but at least I knew he was safe!

Ayden also really likes holding Logan so we did that a few times too.

Silently comparing ears.  It was cute!

Logan also put himself to sleep in his pack in play twice today.

Even though the day went well, nothing beats when my partner gets home to join me!  

Love this man.

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1 comment:

  1. How funny. I remember that moment - my older one is old enough to play independently for a moment and my younger one is young enough to hang out in the swing without getting upset if I step away and yet I can't step away because the two alone together would not be good! :) you are doing great!!