Friday, September 26, 2014

Logan Meets the Ladies

We filled our day up today!  Play group was moved to today this week so Logan got to meet all of the little ladies for the first time!

I kept him in the Moby wrap or under the nursing cover most of the time. I feel like it is a little early to have Logan around a lot of young kids at once yet Ayden has been more than ready to get out and PLAY. I suppose that is a predicament parents of multiple kids have to deal with...

Ayden fell asleep on the way home so lunch and nap time got swapped for the day. 

About 5 minutes before I took this photo he said,
I'm not tired, I'm just sleepy." Ha!

After nap we headed to Logan's first pediatrician appointment:

8lbs, 21.5" long.  Growing boy!!
Ayden was just glad to not be getting shots!

He did great and their doctor was very pleased with him. He thought Logan looked a lot like Ayden and commented on how easy going he seemed. The only time he fussed was while they were stretching him out to measure him. David met us there for the appointment and Ayden got SO excited when he walked in the door. I hadn't told him Daddy was coming so it was a very pleasant surprise for him. He ran up to David and gave him the biggest hug!

The rest of the day was just dinner and a visit to my parents house before coming home and putting Ayden to bed. The downfall of being so busy is that the house is somehow a complete wreck again, even after all that cleaning I did last night.  Oh well, at least we were able to enjoy it for a few hours last night.  We have another busy day tomorrow so we are hoping for a slow Sunday!


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1 comment:

  1. I love how your hubby is so involved and goes to appts with you! What an awesome man!! My husband goes to our daughters appts too. I love that. He will take time from work to do it. Such devotion. Logan is mellow, hooray!!!