Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When Stars Align

I had an appointment with my doula this morning. It was great to chat with her about the birth and our adjustment with everything thus far. I sent her home with a huge jar of honey since I really believe we couldn't have succeeded without her (which reminds me that I really need to take time to sit down and write out our birth story!). 

When she left I took care of a few things around the house and then headed to my parent's house for a few hours. My sister and her kids came and my cousin came by with her great nieces, nephew and two little dogs and it was just what Ayden needed to help him keep it together for the rest of the day. He really thrives on getting out and seeing people and doing things and I can see a HUGE difference in his behavior when those needs have been met for the day. I think my need to take it easy and heal, which had kept us from doing a lot of things for the passed couple of weeks, has been the most difficult part of this transition for him. 

Our night was only a *little* better than the night before but we went to bed earlier so I had a much better day today as well. Logan slept well until about 3:30am so that means I got a couple of solid 3 hour stretches before the grunting began and then a couple more solid hours before getting up for the day. 

Both boys took really long naps which helped a lot too. I was able to get about a 30 minute nap in (before Maverick woke me up. His needs feel like that of a newborn sometimes...) and then I had some quiet time to wrap my head around some things I need to catch up on. I even made my first to do list in two weeks which felt good. 

David's employer got us a pretty amazing gift!  It was a gift card for a week's worth of meals from a local meal service place. We got 4 this week and will get the remaining 3 next week. The meals have been delicious but they are portioned out to make a perfect dinner for us with no leftovers for lunch. I decided to take a chance and make some dinner so David would have a lunch for tomorrow. 

Spaghetti Squash With Meat Sauce
Nice and easy!
I got some meat out to thaw before nap and put the squash in the oven to roast when I woke up. I knew that I needed to start cooking the veggies and meat at 5 so I woke Logan up to change and feed him at about 4:45. Ayden just so happened to be in the mood to play independently (for the first time in days it seems like) and Logan went right back to sleep so I was able to pull it all off. Not sure how often things will fall into place like that but it gave me a glimpse of what our new normal might be like in a couple of weeks or so.


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  1. It's nice when things come together! Here's to another good day tomorrow!